Well Tempered Productions | classical music consultancy
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Kathy Geisler, Producer / Director Well Tempered Productions

Founder, Mozart’s List


Well Tempered Productions offers a consultancy service for solo artists, chamber groups, orchestras, and arts organizations, tailored to local as well as international outreach.

Collaborative projects, concerts, video and audio production, image and repertoire development, and innovation in approach to the broader markets are some of the areas that we work in.

Creating the right promotion for any artist or organization requires an in depth understanding of how unique the classical music world is from within as well as with the world at large. Every individual artist and arts organization needs support in positioning themselves for exposure and audience expansion.

Well Tempered Productions is all about classical music. From presenting a concert series, festival, or one-time gala, we work in the promotion and creation of memorable musical events.

Artists & Projects

Alessandro Deljavan

Go to the Alessandro Deljavan website and hear this remarkable artist!

Mozart’s List is the place for doing all kinds of business in classical music.

Mozart’s List is a social classified and business listing site where the interests of classical musicians and all of the various services and businesses that extend into the realm of classical music can meet to discuss and exploit ideas, innovation, and commerce. Mozart’s List also embraces the needs and interests of classical music enthusiasts and music students of all ages.

Here is where you can buy, sell, rent and connect on all things classical, including instruments, sheet music, and merchandise. You can also find and advertise creative, business, and technical service jobs, find and advertise classical music-related work and living spaces. Mozart’s List is also a dedicated business directory open to the entire community where you can claim or create your listing and embellish it with information and media! Launching soon!!

Humans of Classical Music

 “Classical music is more about ‘who’ than ‘what.’”

During the past couple of years I have been working on the development of Mozart’s List, a site to serve the needs of the classical music community. The Mozart’s List site serves the panoply of people who are engaged in one way or another in this work we call classical music.

The variety of people who work in the field of classical music is more diverse than most people realize. I hope here to shed some light on the broader spectrum of what and who we think of as associated with classical music.