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Mozart’s List

Mozart's List - Front Page

Introducing Mozart’s List, a haven for doing business in the field of classical music.

In an age where we are all so very connected and connectable, it occurred to me that there should be a place like Mozart’s List that would be devoted to the needs and ideas that make up the virtual landscape of all things classical music.

I’ve always been aware of the fact that classical music falls outside of the mainstream and for the most part exists as a marginalized art form in a world determined to be controlled by mass popular culture.

With so many people working in the field of classical music, including in the support service areas, it is remarkable that we still find ourselves constantly searching for the things we need in so many disparate places (i.e. eBay, Craigslist, Amazon, and all the many places we search and hunt for the less findable things like places to live and work that are friendly to classical music), and more often than not end up finding the things we need through friends and social networking.

Along with the compartmentalized availability of things needed and wanted is the constant desire for building community in order to build bridges for knowledge, news, support, ideas and a general keeping of the lines of communication immediate and accessible.

Mozart’s List is a new idea for creating a community marketplace for classical music, a veritable farmer’s market of things and services that cater to the classical music community. Everyone who has an interest in classical music from the enthusiast to the professional can participate in a commercial zone that is focused on building a healthier classical music community.

In addition to a classified marketplace, Mozart’s List is a business listing site where everyone in the field of classical music can have a listing! The ultimate classical music business directory, free to list and free to use!

Launching in 2019.

Example business listing: